Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Growing up is hard to do

If you look closely you can see the pearly whites at the bottom and the dimple.  Can't I just keep her like this forever?
Clementine officially stood up today and took four step without any support or aid.  She just up and walked! Part of me is so happy because I know it's frustrating her that she can't walk yet but part of me sees of vision of her toddling along and then Bea comes up from behind and slams her to the ground.  It wasn't as far to the ground when she was crawling, but from a standing position she's liable to get some serious battle wounds. 

She also has three new teeth coming in.  Two on top and another one on the bottom. Yea for teeth! She desperately needs teeth for all the eating and smiling she does, although I will miss the solitary two teeth at the bottom.  That just melts my heart when i see it with her dimples. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Faces of the past

These are some really cute photos that I forgot to post or couldn't because our computer wouldn't let us access the internet for a month or so...

Eating some new food on Chinese New Year
Clemmie and Grandpa Tingey just before the Boston Marathon

Group hug!

Clemmie and Grandpa Hohl

on the swing with Bea

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clementine's first Easter!

Clementine, Bea and Henry on our playfort in their Easter outfits

It's wild to think that Clementine hasn't had an Easter yet because she's getting so old, but she was born 11 months ago and just barely missed it.  She was an angel all day long and was so incredibly darling in her Easter dress.  It's the one I made for Bea two years ago and it fit even better than it fit Bea back then.  Bea wasn't even crawling or standing at that point so Clemmie modeled it very well.  She was adored by everyone at church and was even my best smiler for the Easter photo shoot. 

Clemmie peaking through the rails

I have to say sorry to everyone who was distracted during sacrament meeting, Sunday school or Relief Society because her personality always comes out and she's so active.  Today she was extra vibrant in her dress and so distraction was her middle name today.  Clemmie ate a ton of Easter dinner and played with the kids without crying for hours.  She's such a happy and pleasant little girl.  Thanks for all the smiles darling daughter!
Clemmie outside on the blustery Easter egg hunt

Friday, April 8, 2011

No Comment

Well, I was hoping that people would comment on my last post but I guess I'm the only one who gets a kick out of the extremely gross(after the fact).  I also got a shout out from my cousin who applauded me on posting good and bad things that happen in my kids' lives saying that she rarely sees blogs where kids are portrayed as anything but happy and perfect looking all the time so thank you for supporting me in my attempt to accurately document my children's lives without leaving any of the details out (except for that one detail of our huge trip last fall.  I'll get to that eventually!) 

Here are some more bad phone photos of her with her buddy, Luke playing together. I caught them playing piano together and inspecting the pantry.  They had a blast and the funny thing is that I know they really weren't consciously playing together but they just naturally crawled to the same spots because why wouldn't you follow someone else who was crawling and when one stopped to look at something why wouldn't you naturally stop to check it out too?  I was in love with these two playing together in their own spheres.  I'm babysitting all these cute kids tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some more better photos with my real camera.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eating her own vomit

This morning I thought she might be better after two days and nights of the flu so I let Clemmie eat some pieces of plain pancake and water for breakfast and she was pounding them down and crying for water as her weak little hands shook every time she reached for a bite. Three seconds later she threw it all up without even flinching or crying(so used to it by now) but she was still so hungry that she started eating what she had just thrown up and I almost threw up watching her eat her own vomit.  I had to get Justin to clean it up and when we took her tray away from her she cried so hard with such big tears that I almost started crying with her because I knew she was starved to death.  I ended up letting her eat more, but only gave her tiny pieces with rests in between and she kept it all down.  I really miss my smiley baby girl.