Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a hard knock life

Bee sting lip

Poor, poor Clemmie
If you see Clementine right now you would probably think she was a neglected little orphan fending for herself on the streets.  She fell down the stairs twice in the course of 1 hour(first times ever), making her upper lip bleed the first time and giving her a big scab under her lip the second time, then she got a super snotty cold and of course I'm wiping it all day long her face is all red and raw. Then yesterday during a BYU game party at my sister-in-law's which is infested with yellow jacket hornets, Clementine was doing such a great job at eating a piece of corn on the cob, just minding her own business in her booster seat when all of a sudden she started screaming bloody murder and I saw a drunken looking hornet flying away from her direction.  Obviously one had landed on her corn and she bit down on it without noticing and it zapped her.  Her poor little lip swelled up so huge, more than any time she ever had a fat lip from falling on it,  which compelled Justin to get some Benadryl for her and her lip was still really fat until today during church when it seemed like it went down a lot.  I almost cried because she was in so much pain and I knew she was still so hungry but was to distraught to eat anything.  It still looks a little swollen but only I could really tell at this point.  My poor little orphan baby:(

*Update* Since I didn't publish this right away she had another noteworthy tumble on our hike around Silver Lake.  She got off balance somehow and fell backwards over the railroad ties that kept the path from sloping and did a complete head over heels into the dirt.  Luckily she didn't get hurt or even cry which impressed the twenty or so people who saw her.  She is a tough girl!

Purple blankie wrapped around her head as usual
 Here at Oktoberfest Klementine slept much of the time and when she woke up she was feeling a little shy so she wrapped her blankie around her head so she could hide from all the people who usually gawk and want to talk to her and refused to go anywhere without it.
I love her chubby happy expression and her little hand on the side.  Heinrich and Klementine:)