Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Natural Napper

 I know I constantly mention how sweet Clementine is, but have any of you ever had a child who, when you mention going to take a nap or going to bed, goes to find her blankie, holds your hand, pleasantly walks upstairs, attempts to climb into her crib, smiles, gives you a kiss and lays down and goes to sleep? Well, that's what Clementine does every time.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times she has cried when we put her to sleep.  Then, when she wakes up, I can hardly get her out of her crib because she loves looking at the couple of books I leave in there for her.  She would be content for probably two hours if I left her in there. When she is finally ready to get out, usually because I mention eating breakfast, she puts her blankie on my face and gives me a huge hug as I lift her out.  She lays down and lets me change her diaper without any complaints and usually giggles saying "poo poo" and we laugh as I make funny faces and roll my eyes around.   THEN when I carry her out of her room (which is our master closet) through my bedroom where Violette is sleeping, she whispers, "baby sleeping" and doesn't talk until we're out the door and it's closed.  She always has a smile on her face, she giggles and dances for joy every 10 minutes, she tries her hardest to use ASL for what she needs and enthusiastically signs every animal and food item she sees in every book, and freely hugs and kisses her siblings and parents on request. 

I just want to document this moment in time because both Henry and Bea were this darling at this age too, but can't I just have one child that I don't want to send to boot camp from age 2-5?  It really makes me sick to think that Clementine might put me through what Henry and Bea have.  She's just such an angel. The good thing is that Henry has grown out of his hard stage so Bea has hope...right? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Clementine eating frosting off of a cookie at Henry's Valentine party at school
 How much do I love this stage?  I just can't get enough of Clementine and all the things she says and does.  Today I let her go outside with Henry and Bea to play in the snow and she just plodded along, happy as clam just playing and eating the snow, that is, until Henry accidentally hit her in the face with a stick, slicing her frenulum, but after 5 minutes she went back out again and was fine.  She pulls out one word here and there, but usually just walks around talking nonsense that is so adorable.  I would keep her like this if I could.  She is also learning her alphabet with a couple different shows like Signing Time and Preschool Prepco.  She saw an A today and announced, "Aaaaaaaaaae" and then did the sign for A.  I bet she'll learn it before Bea.  lol.