Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Gift

I had to go to Costco on Saturday because I had to pick up photos for this cute photo thing I made for Justin for Father's Day. It was basically DAD spelled out in those paper block letters that they sell at craft stores painted yellow with each kid holding one letter.  So Henry had one D and Clementine held the A and Bea the last D.  The photos weren't so fabulous because it was the middle of the day and there were some shadows, but the mountains behind us were really nice and I think it was fine for a last minute thing.  I put them in an IKEA triple frame and then sent a photo of it to Justin.  Well, I was standing in line to check out after having eaten a super spicy piece of peppered Jerkey and my mouth was on fire, so I walked briskly to fill my water bottle up with some more water and as I was walking in my cheap China Town slippers, I totally slipped and fell right in front of a billion people!!!! Luckily I'm a pro at falling down since I'm accident prone and didn't even get hurt one ounce but it was really embarrassing.  The weirdest thing is that no one came over to help me up.  They all just stared at me with open mouths and probably didn't want to lose their place in the snack bar line. haha. 

Thank you Alissa Packer for sharing your letters with me!! You're the best neighbor!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just can't get enough

I don't think she could be cuter or happier.  I love nuzzling my chin into her neck to kiss and tickle her.  She's so squishy!

She loves to climb up on stuff and always smiles and waves at everyone. I love it when my kids are friendly. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Walking, Signing and Talking

Memorial Day was for Clementine "learn to walk" day.  She did nothing but try to walk, fall and get back up again until she was walking across entire rooms.  She was so cute and dedicated to it.  I just love kneeling down to her level with my arms outstretched to embrace her as she reaches me with a huge smile.

She's also become a lot more snuggly lately with me.  She will kind of embrace me and squeeze me sometimes and even puts her head on my shoulder.  She loves being kissed all over her face, which usually prompts her to hug and snuggle me.  I'm so happy!

Clemmie also is talking a lot of baby jibberish just like Henry did at this age.  She repeats a lot of words like "daddo", "aye-lo"(maybe hello), "Bea" and "wooh". It's so cute to see that she's trying to communicate with us.  She has officially started to sign as well and does "all done" and "drink" very regularly.  I'm trying to get her to sign "food" and "more" now and with those four I think I will be happy if she doesn't learn any more, even though I will try many others.  Those are the core signs, I believe, every baby should know in order to keeping crying to a minimum.