Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Friend

Here is Clementine with my favorite neighbor's first daughter, Sonaya.  Her parents are straight from India and I am so grateful to have them on our street because they add so much culture and diversity to our neighborhood, not to mention they are the nicest and most wonderful people ever.  I just love them and I'm so glad we have babies at the same time.  We love you Sonaya!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weird Photos and Locked Thumbs

So when Justin saw this last post he said the photos were really weird and that he wouldn't have put them on the blog.  He said Henry's face was covered in red sauce and he looked like he was naked.  Well, he was not totally naked and if I have to wait until I get a perfectly clothed shot of Henry with nothing on his face I'll never be able to put one up.  Plus, it's hard to take photos of Clementine smiling.  She's either asleep or we're out doing something and I can't take a photo of her when she's stuck to me. 

She is getting really happy though.  She has started to laugh a little bit when I tickle her chest with my chin.  She follows me all around the room and can go from crying to happy in an instant when I pick her up.  She really loves to be around the other kids and when we eat our meals and she's awake, we put her in the Bumbo on top of the table and she watches us and smiles at us when we lock eyes with her.  The kids fight over who gets to be facing her.  She has also started trying to play with a few toys and I think she has the same issue with her thumbs as Henry did.  They're almost locked in place and I have to pry them open to put something in.  The one good thing about that is that she'll hold anything for a long time but she can't grab anything herself, even if she wants to.  Open your thumbs little monkey! Those are your special evolutionary tools! Use them! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smiles melt my heart

So after a few months of just pooping and crying and nursing I started asking myself, "wait, why did I have another baby?" but then she started to really smile and I remembered how much I love sweet little smiley babies.  She still sleeps a ton, cries every moment she's in the car, but when she's actually had enough sleep I get to just stare into her super light blue eyes and enjoy her dimpled smile.  She is so delicate and so sweet.  I just adore everything about her and I can't wait to witness how she matures and what she becomes.

I see so much potential in her already and being with her fills me with so much joy.  I just love newborns because there's just something to be said about being so needed.  I love that she needs me for everything and all she can do is wait for me to snuggle her and feed her and rock her to sleep.  Tonight I had to teach the Young Women and I gave her to one of them to take care of her and as I handed her off she looked at me and started to cry.  She already knows me and only wants to be with me.  I just love that!