Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Once again, dirty face!

Clementine is the photogenic one of the family.  Bea has her moments where she looks gorgeous, but can easily look quite scraggly, mainly because she has my same hair consistency(fine and thin) which rats into a giant nest after even just sitting in a car seat.  Clementine, on the other hand, wakes up from naps and in the morningwith perfect, slightly wavy tresses that are reminiscent of Rapunzel.  Unless there's a sucker stuck in her hair(happened more than once) I never have to brush it out to make it look nice.  I have some friends who just have that one child that is a natural in front of the camera and I feel that's Clementine.  I can never even decide on what photos to post because they all look totally perfect and she has a slight permasmile. 
Model pose

Easy smiler

Sweet farm girl with popsicles

Got this one on the move.  I wish it was in focus.  Love those dimples!