Friday, July 29, 2011

Bryce Canyon hike

My parents ran a half marathon in Bryce Canyon so we drove down to watch and did a short hike with the kids afterward. The views were spectacular and the kids loved playing on the rocks and in the water. Here is Clementine with the grandparents. So cute!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clementine's first word

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer fun

Clementine at the Liberty park water feature.  I don't know what Bea is doing in the background there.
There isn't much difference between summer and winter in our family because we're always getting out and finding things to do.  With my kids getting older and also living in a new city, it's been extra fun finding activities to do in our new environment.  I have the advantage to have friends and family who already know a lot of the fun spots to take kids, and since Clementine is more mobile she's been able to enjoy exciting new adventures, most of which include being in the water.  There is a water feature at Liberty Park in downtown SLC that is a pint size representation of all the rivers and canyons that flow down through the mountains here for the kids to play in.  It's basically a tiny man made river system starting with fun waterfalls and fountains and converging to create a pond.  I think it's the most creative thing I have ever seen and the kids had a blast playing in the streams.

Getting better at walking every day! Although she has a bloody toe from being at the pool sans shoes.  I try to keep shoes on whenever possible.
She loves her swimming class with Mommy.  It's fun bonding time together, even when the pool is freezing.  Brrrr.  
You might be wondering what she's wearing and it's a new Cost Guard approved flotation device for little kids.  Granted she's just a little bit too little for it, but she'll grow into it soon enough.  It can replace a life jacket which kids find so annoying.  I have all three of my kids in these when I'm alone at the crowded pool and they don't mind wearing them at all.  The fountains at our pool turn off and on when a button is pushed and is on a timer, so Clementine's favorite little fountains will come and go and when they stop, she crawls away, but soon the come back on again and she speedily returns.  It's like watching a game of cat and mouse as she comes and goes.  Also, there's this huge bucket that fills up and spills out over the whole fountain area every 15 minutes or so, which sends her running, but never reaches where she's playing.  It's a great pool and is really close!

Clementine in her fountains

not minding the splashes
She loved the Merry-go-Round at Liberty Park.