Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I want for Christmas is a nice round head

I don't know if i mentioned it before but Clementine had torticollis when she was born and she's been receiving physical therapy twice a week for the past few months to help remedy her crooked neck and flat head and we're proud to announce that she's not getting a helmet for Christmas.  Yea! For those of you who aren't familiar with the condition, here is an explanation of what it is.  Clementine got it from being squished inside my torso and now she has a depression on the side of her head and since she was so used to being in that position her head got flat in the back. To remedy it, I had to duct tape a rolled up towel onto her back which made her sleep on her left side and on the part of her head that wasn't flat.  A month of that was all it took to even out her head, but only time will tell if the depression will correct itself as her head grows.  But for now we're just glad Santa's not bringing her a helmet for Christmas

An update on her development...She's sitting up and almost crawling(taking after Henry which I'm not thrilled about), rolling all over the place, and just starting to eat some foods but not liking the mushy texture.  She would eat crackers all day long if she could and she makes a horrible mess every time I let her feed one to herself.  She basically sleeps all through the night and sleeps a total of at least 16 hours per day, more or less whenever we want her to.  She is extremely pleasant and has days when she never cries, like today.  I think she knows that she's going to have to play the baby Jesus in the family nativity re-creation and is practicing the "no crying he makes" part.  What a good little girl:)