Saturday, February 5, 2011

Angel face

A little slobbery but when do I ever get a photo without a wet shirt or slobbery face? I just want to eat her up!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Survival of the biggest

I haven't been updating Clemmie's blog as often as I should have, especially since babies change faster than older children, so I have to say that she's been crawling since Christmas time, is 99th percentile in height(takes after Henry) and gets attacked by Bea at least 20 times per day and is starting to toughen up about it -- she only cries half the time.  Recently Bea has poked her with a fork, sat on her, kicked her in the face, steam rolled her, stepped on her foot as she sat on the wood floor in Indian style, crushing her ankle, walked over her, tried to drown her in the tub, poured 10 cups of water over her head in sequence before she could recover and take a breath, pulled her hair, clapped her head in-between her swinging arms many times, pulled her arms back, and every time Bea hugs her, it's pretty much reminiscent of a WWF choke hold.  Good news is that now that we're not traveling every week, she's settled into my beloved normal baby napping routine and now they are only together for two hours in the morning(half of which Clementine is eating) and then she takes a two hour nap, then Bea goes down for her two hour nap at noon and right when Bea wakes up, it's my cue to put Clementine back to sleep for another two hour nap.  Then at 4 they are both together again, but most of the rest of the night is taken up with preparing and eating food so she manages to avoid Baby Killer somewhat.  One really great thing is that she is so big for her age(compared to Bea) that I think she'll catch up with Bea soon so BK won't be able to dominate over her so much. When she does get to play, she plays on the floor by herself for up to an hour and a half before needing something.  She loves music and being chased by me and Henry.  She rarely cries for anything other than being tired or when Bea gets near.  She goes down for naps with her binkie and a soft blanket to snuggle and falls asleep with no help from me.  Yea! I really appreciate that darling girl.