Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clemmie du

That's my favorite nickname for her.  I seriously can't believe how much she looks like Henry to me when I'm carrying her in my arms.  She has the exact same expressions and she thinks it's so funny when I look at her from my vantage point.  So she's actually standing up for long periods of time, but only when she isn't thinking about it.  Any time I try to get her to stand up while she's thinking about it, she gets that deathly afraid look on her face and fal ls to the ground, so I don't think she's the risk taking type.  I have seen her stand for at least 20 seconds before so I know she can do it.  Also, my carpet is constantly covered with dirt since she loves to dig in the plants.  I dumped a ton of fertilizer in my lime tree a while ago and I know there are still some chunks in there and I just hope she hasn't eaten any of them.  I think she's more after the dead leaves we throw back in the soil.  She likes to eat the fallen baby limes to, which will probably kill her -- perfect choking size. One thing is for sure though is that she really does not like the grass.  I guess she's hardly been on grass since I never put her directly on our hard, dirt clod of a yard when she was a newborn and then it was fall and winter so she really has never experienced sitting in the grass until just recently when it's been nice outside, but she does not like it at all and cries a lot after she feels around the ground at what she's sitting in and refuses to crawl in it.  Haha! She has the same reaction to those multi-color ball pits at game places.  Maybe she thinks it's just not stable ground.  I do really love that girl though.  She's just all smiles and goodness.  I can't even walk anywhere in public before every elderly person and single woman comes over to talk baby talk with her.  In the airport last weekend a huge black man asked me about my baby wrap and he wanted to see how it worked.  At first I was doubtful, but he said he was a product developer and gave me his card and we were in the airport which is pretty much the safest place in the world now, so I showed him how it worked while he held Clemmie and she was enthralled by his giant lips.  She started grabbing his lips and he was saying, "yes those are my huge black lips" and everyone in the store was bending over in hysterics.  It was truly hilarious.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Giantess Stands

First of all, Clemmie is starting to be known as the giantess because she's a super big and heavy baby who eats adult sized bowls of steel cut oats and blueberries every day and sometimes eats until she throws up.  She really doesn't know when to stop.  Anyway, even though I don't have a photo yet I have to document that today during church while I was hanging out in the nursery chatting with Franklin and Stefanie, Clementine stood up for about 15 seconds by herself.  Previously it had been only a few seconds so she's come so far during the weekend we were out of town! Justin and I went on our first real trip without the kids ever (unless you count less than 24 hours trip for the Indian wedding with Lucy with us) from Thursday night until early Sunday morning and I wish I could say it was heavenly!  Our flights were delayed on the way out there and had to stay overnight in Las Vegas, got no sleep, messed up the other nights with naps and took a red eye home.  We were interviewing for a job in Logan, UT and it went really well but I didn't get that night of sleep I'd been dreaming of for the past 5 years.  So while we were gone Clemmie started standing on her own and I'm so proud of her! She really loves standing up and especially when you make unstable noises like "woh, wooooh, wooh" as you hold your arms around her.  She laughs her head off.  She's officially 9 3/4 months old.  She's also just about the happiest and most independent baby around and rarely wants me to hold her just to be held.  She'd rather crawl around and explore alone and play with toys.  When I miss her, I run over and wrestle with her for a minute, blow on her tummy or chase her and that's enough to keep her happy. She has even started seeking out Henry and Bea because she knows they'll try to make her laugh(right before Bea makes her cry) and she really enjoys laughing.  If Bea is in one of her rampages, then I have to rescue her, but things are starting to get better so I hope it keeps up!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

a day on the life of Clemmie

This is what Clementine goes through pretty much every day. I usually step in quicker but it's important to document Bea torturing her and then trying to console her and then pushing her again for no reason while she's in distress. Her pattern is torture, nurture, torture, nurture, etc.
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