Sunday, September 15, 2013

Schoolgirl Smiles

 Clementine is the kind of kid who has the patience to sit through anything and has been that way her whole short life.  She has wandered into Primary multiple times and not been noticed because she's so well behaved and calm and she's finally going to preschool!  I'm holding Bea back from going to school because of Chinese Immersion and Clementine already knows all her alphabet and numbers, so I put them in the same class, and she Bea are also in the exact same ballet class this year.  Having kids close together is finally paying off! 

Clementine loves going to school and she's keeping up really well with all the older kids.  She goes to bed easier knowing she gets to go to preschool.  She's so proud to have her own backpack and she loves bringing home the things she makes and showing them to me. 

The girls do not sit next to each other at the tables, but they like to sit on the carpet together, but occasionally they bug each other.  Bea gets jealous that Clementine is interacting with other kids, but she's going to have to get used to it! 

Congratulations Clementine for making it this far!

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