Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jack-n-the box jumping ballerina

Doing her best impression of a "real" ballerina

 Clementine performed in her first ballet as a Jack-n-the box in Pinocchio ballet this last Thursday.  She did so well! Unfortunately Bea danced a different night so we had to go twice and to two rehearsals, but it was nice to focus on each girl on their own special days.  Justin was late and missed her whole performance because he took Henry to the nicklecade even though I told him not to because I knew he would be late, so he didn't get to see her, but I guess unless she reads this someday she will never know.
Happy Ballerina

Happy Daddy Hug

I took the girls to get manicures and pedicures before their performances and they both behaved like princesses and were very polite and glad to have their nails done.  Aunt Kris and Kate showed up for the performance and even though Bea was sick with a fever, she came all dressed up in her outfit for sister photos and did her best to stay awake to watch the entire show.  She was so delirious that 20 minutes after Clementine performed, Bea asked when Clementine was going to dance.  Oh well.  Clementine's dance was probably one of the cutest dances of them all, mainly because she's in one of the youngest groups and because her outfit was so darling.  She didn't know much of the dance so all her actions were delayed until she saw someone else doing the moves and then she would follow along.  I just loved it.
Sister Ballerinas.  I can't wait to get Violette in the production.

The best part of the entire experience was that every single older ballerina I met shrieked with excitement when they found out I was Clementine's mom.  They all said she was their most favorite little ballerina in the entire company and that she was the friendliest and most lovely one in the back room.  She talked and snuggled and laughed with the older ballerinas and danced for them whenever prompted.  It filled my heart with joy to hear them love her like I do.  She truly is a special girl and was a wonderful little ballerina for her first performance.  Good job Clementine!

Aunt Kris and Kate brought a balloon and a rose.  How sweet!

Clementine during the rehearsal
This is my favorite shot of her.  Too bad it has such muted colors!  I need to learn how to use photoshop.

Darlin' Clementine

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